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We Create Our own Reality!


The three foundations behind GameSphere to promote this ideal ...

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GameSphere Studio

Allows creation of locative applications, for example, storytelling, through by the virtual objects, setting rules, events and behaviors.

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GameSphere Store

It allows composers and designers to put their creations to use in creating locative applications with augmented reality.

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GameSphere Play

It has the power to run the locative applications through a mobile device.


GameSphere is real because of the collaborative work between friends ...

Fábio Baptista

Art Director

Graduated in Industrial Design at UFES

"We Create own Our Reality!"


Adobe After Effects, movies, animation, graphic designer and marketing

Maison Melotti

Co-Founder | Especialista em Android

Master in Computer Science at UFES, Specialist in Mobile Systems

"We Create own Our Reality!"


Androi, C, Java, Collaborative Systems, IA and Business Model

Roberto Morati


Master in Computer Science at UFES, QECRL English B2

"We Create own Our Reality!"


Python, Django, Decision Making, Locative Games, Augmented Reality, Google Maps, REST Framework and Java

About the GameSphere

Our Journey ...

GameSphere presents an innovative manner of entertainment where the streets and their characteristics as part of the scene, observed through a conventional mobile device giving an immersive experience considered the GPS that allows capture information about the context and additional devices nearby of the location of the current device. The information before-mentioned updates by the new positions that the mobile device receives from the GPS, thus enabling the context awareness.

Then... the GameSphere conception can benefit numerous areas. For example, education, helping of the learning of biology through a storytelling, as regards: imagine a Botanical Park that has 140 tree species, such as Brazil-wood, jacaranda and ipê, as well as wild animals such as skunks, marmosets and various bird species that can be seen through ecological trails available to visitors. Along with this scenario, we can create a storytelling, inserting virtual characters with the knowledge that can make use of the real scenario, making the tour in this Botanical Park ludic and knowledge-rich for children and adolescents. Thus, we promoting the learning about the various species of trees and wildlife. Towards this idea, the GameSphere claims to make a significant impact on the way the how the people interact with the real world.

Thinking about it, a group of friends started the movement called GameSphere: We Create Our Own Reality. GameSphere represents an immersive world supported by a framework to enable the creation of location-based applications such as games, storytelling, and ads. Thus, imagine the possibility of enjoying the interaction between virtual elements in a real world through the use of geolocation and augmented reality, allowing people and experts to create before-mentioned interactions through a high-level interface. Well ... this is one of the intentions of GameSphere, to open the door to new possibilities!